Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Invest & Get 10% Interest

You might be wondering that how can a person get 10% Interest? Right. We are providing you an Interest Rate of 10% per month for your Invested BTC with us. 

Plans -
Invest 10 BTC - Get 11 BTC after a month.
Invest 20 BTC - Get 22 BTC after a month.
Invest 30 BTC - Get 33 BTC after a month.
Invest 40 BTC - Get 44 BTC after a month.
Invest 50 BTC - Get 55 BTC after a month.

How Does it Works?
Simple, We Invest your BTC in further companies which will get pay us back with your money and profit, the profit is further given back to you as an Interest which is 10%.  

What is the minimum and maximum Investment amount?
You can Invest between 0.1 BTC to 50 BTC.

Our BTC Proof -
We have an amount of BTC to pay you, Our current balance is : 54.13 BTC

How to Invest?
To Invest an amount, Email at bitcoinowners@gmail.com with the Subject "Investment - BTC Amount" and also send your Bitcoin Address so after one month, we can send your money back with 10% Interest.
Please send Payments to this Bitcoin Address: 1CB8qRTG1j1HK3mpg2sZf4YVhZq8WNNS6i

For any other information, Comment or message us on our email.